Japan Direct Marketing Association



This Code of Ethics exists to help the direct marketing industry gain consumer trust. The continued growth of the industry is dependent on all members maintaining these standards:

1.Member companies will, through the organisation of the Japan Direct Marketing Association and with the aim of enhancing consumer lifestyles, recognise that this Code of Ethics is voluntary and will undertake their business in accordance with the principle of upholding consumer rights.

2.Member companies will systematically and as a matter of course consider this }Code as the minimum moral and ethical standard, and conduct their business in a manner of right and proper custom and practice.

3.Member companies will offer good quality products and services at fair prices and in a reliable business manner in order to enhance the lives of consumers.

4.Member companies will supply truthful, simple and clear information within their direct marketing advertising so that misunderstandings by consumers do not occur.

5.Member companies, within the special characteristics of direct marketing transactions, will endeavour to provide consumers with accurate and precise information concerning the quality, functions and prices of their products and services so as to allow consumers to make correct and fair purchase decisions.

6.Member companies, within the special characteristics of direct marketing transactions, will endeavour to provide sales conditions that ensure consumer security and satisfaction.

7.Member companies will respect the privacy of the consumer, be extremely careful in handling information concerning customers, and respond sincerely to demands concerning the right of privacy.

8.Member companies. when selling to minors, will be sure to act in such a way as to enhance the correct and healthy development of children.

9.Member companies will make every effort to avoid consumer complaints, systemise complaint handling, and deal with complaints swiftly and appropriately.

Furthermore, in order to earn the trust of consumers for the entire direct marketing industry, JADMA and its members will make every effort to ensure that this same Code of Ethics is observed by non-member companies who may also be engaged in direct marketing.

The Japan Direct Marketing Association

Formulated: February 17, 1984