Japan Direct Marketing Association



Self-check System for Advertising Standards

The Special Committee for Sales Descriptions checks if members' advertisements are correct. The Sectional Committee for Cosmetics checks the advertising of cosmetics and the Audiovisual Media Committee makes guidelines for television and related media. One of the major activities of JADMA is this self-checking system.

Action Line

JADMA started an action line in 1984. Qualified advisors assist consumers who have unresolved problems with direct marketing transactions.

Resolving Consumer Problems

While Action Line is intended for dealing with complaints against individual marketing companies the Consumer Affairs Committee is intended to deal with complaints against the direct marketing business as a whole.

2.Encouraging the Healthy Expansion of the Industry

Dissemination of the Direct Marketing Code of Ethics

JADMA encourages its members to follow the Direct Marketing Code of Ethics established in February 1984. Encouragement is also given to non-members to join JADMA in support of its ethical aims and objectives.

Dealing with Post and Telephone Charges

The problem which troubles most JADMA members is the cost to themselves and to the industry in general of post and telephone charges and we have appointed a special committee to deal directly with this issue.

JADMA Policy on Environmental Issues

We realise that the Association and its members must be sensitive to public concern over matters such as waste packaging materials and other matters of this type which affect the industry and its consumers. The Association made a policy declaration on the reduction of waste materials in 1991 and there is also a study group to continually monitor environmental matters.

Educational Seminars

JADMA runs many study groups including the New Entrant Seminar for newcomers to the business, the Executive Seminar,and a Monthly Study Seminar. In addition, it organises various special seminars looking at such topics such as statutory regulation and customer service.

Exchanging Information on the Physical Distribution System

The Physical Distribution Committee and the Consumer Affairs Committee work mainly to facilitate exchange of information on the physical distribution system and customer service. Distribution Center visits and the exchange of information on customer service systems including the handling of complaints are conducted by the Association in order to bring about improvements within direct marketing business.

Drawing Up Guidelines for the Audio-visual Media

The Audiovisual Media Committee which has responsibility for this area of the Association's activities is involved in monitoring the use of present-day media such as television and other, developing means of audiovisual marketing.

3.Research Activities

Direct Marketers

Each year JADMA surveys the activities of member companies to keep ahead of changing patters of direct marketing. Categories of investigation include sales volumes, media, type of merchandise and so on. This survey is well regarded as a basic study of direct marketing.

Direct Marketing Users

JADMA also conducts a survey on the use of direct marketing all over Japan each year including relevant demographic data on consumers.

4.Communication Activities with Other Organisations

Consumer Centres

JADMA participates in consumer meetings all over Japan in order to exchange information on direct marketing.

Contacts and Relations with Consumer Organisations

JADMA organises regular meetings with consumer groups all over Japan to gain information on inquiries or complaints connected with the direct marketing business.

Communication with Government Agencies

JADMA maintains close links with government organisations; participating in seminars and lobbying for better statutory regulation and lower postal charges.

International Communications

JADMA has regular meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce of Japan. In addition to acting as the representative of the Japanese direct marketing business at the annual conference of the United States Direct Marketing Association, it also collects and provides information on direct marketing overseas.

Communication with Other Organisations

JADMA is hoping to assist consumers with special needs, for example, preferable direct marketing styles for handicapped people: such needs have already been discussed with relevant organisations.