Japan Direct Marketing Association



from the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

The Japan Direct Marketing Association (Chapter2, Article 30)

Those who conduct direct marketing business are able to establish an organisation using the name of 'Direct Marketing Association' in accordance with Civil Law Article 34, for the purpose of promoting fair trade, protecting consumers and contributing sound progress of the direct marketing industry, holding members who conduct direct marketing business.

Limit of Name Usage (Chapter 2, Article 31)

1. Any organisation other than the organisation defined above (hereinafter referred to as "Direct Marketing Association") must not use the characters of the direct marketing association in their name.
2. Non-members of the Direct Marketing Association should not call themselves members of C.

Resolving Complaints (Chapter 2, Article 32)

When the Direct Marketing Association receives an offer to resolve complaint on direct marketing business conducted by its member, it should accept such a complaint, advise the complainant of necessary information, research the details of the complaint, inform the member in question of the content of the complaint, and request the member to resolve the complaint promptly.
2. The Direct Marketing Association is able to require explanation from the member in question either verbally or in writing, and/or require them to submit the relevant documents. When it sees the necessity in regard to resolving of complaint concerned with the offer above.
3. Members of the Direct Marketing Association should not reject the requirement from it under the above article, without any justifiable ground.
4. The Direct Marketing Association should inform its members about any complaint defined by Article 32-1, and its result.